2017 Election Information

The Pittsburgh Black Media Federation will hold elections for board officers Nov. 16, 2017.  

Five offices will be up for election: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and parliamentarian.  (After the officers are elected, they will appoint five committee chairs to the board, as well as three subcommittee chairs who are not members of the board.)

The officers elected in November will serve two-year terms that will start Jan. 1, 2018, and end Dec. 31, 2019.

Please note the following dates/deadlines related to the 2017 election: 

  • Candidates for PBMF offices must be current in their membership dues by Sept. 21 to be eligible to run.  Only PBMF members whose dues are current by Sept. 21 may vote in the election in November.  If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact PBMF Membership Committee Chairwoman Ashley Johnson at membership@pbmf.org.
  • The deadline to submit candidates’ statements for the election is Oct. 5, using the form below.
  • A list of candidates’ on the ballot, as well as their submitted candidates’ statements, will be emailed to PBMF members by Oct. 10.  The candidates’ personal contact information will not be included in the candidates’ statements emailed to PBMF members.
  • A candidates’ forum, at which those running for office can discuss and answer PBMF members’ questions about their candidacy, will be held during the Oct. 19 general body meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. Nominations from the floor for candidates to be added to the ballot may only be made during the Oct. 19 meeting.
  • The election will be held during the Nov. 16 general body meeting, which will start at 7 p.m.  Also, online voting will be available from 12:01 a.m. Nov. 14 to noon Nov. 16.  

Requirements for running for and holding PBMF office are as follows:

  • Only full-time working journalists or those who receive a majority of their income from journalism may run for president or vice president.
  • All other offices may be held by full-time or freelance journalists, public relations professionals or college journalism/communications professors.
  • Candidates for office must be current in their PBMF membership dues by Sept. 21 in order to be eligible to run.
  • It is important that officers regularly attend monthly general body meetings, which are held at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month, and monthly board meetings, which are held by conference call on the first Sunday evening of every month.  There are no general body meetings from June to August or in December.
  • Per the bylaws: Any officer who has three or more consecutive unexcused absences from board meetings may be removed by a majority of the directors.

The following are duties of each office as laid out in the bylaws:

  • The officers of the federation shall each have such powers and duties as generally pertain to their respective offices, as well as such powers and duties as may specifically be conferred or imposed by the board of directors.
  • The president shall be the chief executive officer of the federation.
  • The treasurer shall have primary responsibility for the preparation of the budget and may delegate all or part of the preparation and notification duties to a finance committee, management agent, or both.
  • The secretary shall be responsible for preparing minutes of meetings of the federation and the board and for authenticating records of the federation.
  • The vice president shall have such duties as are set forth by the board.
  • The parliamentarian shall possess of a thorough knowledge of (1) these bylaws, (2) Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (current edition), and (3) any other rules and regulations of the federation; furthermore, the parliamentarian shall act as sergeant-at-arms of meetings and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the board.

Please note that the treasurer also prepares a monthly financial report for each general body meeting, and an annual financial report. Other board officers can assist with these as needed.

Any questions about the election process can be referred to Election Nominating Committee members Victoria Garner, Natalie Hill and Carmen Lee at election@pbmf.org.

2017 Candidate's Statement Form