Giordan Dixon

Giordan Dixon (Photo: Jonathan Brown)

Giordan Dixon (Photo: Jonathan Brown)

Go-getters tend to get what they are after. One of them is Giordan Dixon, a young artist and volunteer based in Homewood who is bearing witness to the fruits of his labor. By seeking opportunities to train in music and help other young people improve their skills in technology and reading, Dixon has built a name for himself not only in the community, but throughout Pittsburgh.

Dixon is from Highland Park, and attended Westinghouse High School during his senior year. He was a participant in the Lighthouse Project, now housed at the Homewood-Brushton YMCA. Through the program, Dixon received the opportunity to learn more about producing, mixing and mastering, and singing his own music. The recording equipment provided by the program was extremely useful in Dixon’s endeavors. When he received a grant from the Heinz Endowments to complete his own album, his mentors at Lighthouse were instrumental in assisting him in his project. Their guidance allowed him to grow as an artist, and even as a volunteer.

In fact, Dixon was already heavily involved in an outreach program called the Warrior movement. He got started after visiting Steve MacIsaac, executive director of the Neighborhood Learning Alliance, which focuses on education for African-American students through collaborations with nonprofit and faith-based organizations. NLA also is in charge of the Warrior movement, where high school students mentor elementary students and assist them in their literacy and technical skills. As a result of Dixon’s involvement and willingness to volunteer, he became the original Tech Warrior. He helped introduce students to robotics at Woolslair, Arsenal, Lincoln, and Weil elementary schools. Later, he joined the Reading
Warriors, and was placed at Woolslair.

Dixon is still involved in community initiatives. He works at Assemble, a community arts center that hosts events for community STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programming. He is also still creating music, and plans to release his album next year. As a Pittsburgh native, he realizes the importance of the giving back to a place that has gave him so much. Homewood and its surrounding areas have, and will, benefit from Dixon’s dedication to uplifting and inspiring the community.