PBMF Black Male Media Project, #InspireBlackMen


“American Heroes: The Homewood Project” is a photo series that will feature black males making a difference in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood.  Aspiring and professional photographers will create the series.

The exhibit featuring about 20 heroes will be presented on social media and in Homewood in fall 2017.  Below is a peek at a few of the featured heroes, as well as some of the artists who took photographs or wrote biographies for the project.

Artists                                                                             Heroes

Dr. Ervin Dyer  (Organizer)                                      James A. Brown

Carol Moye                                                                   Ayodeji Young

Brian Cook                                                          William Davis Baker

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Supported by a Heinz Endowments grant, “American Heroes: The Homewood Project” is part of PBMF’s Black Male Media Project.

The National Association of Black Journalists launched the Black Male Media Project in April 2017 to inspire, support and develop training and mentorship opportunities for black men working in media and those who aspire to do so.

PBMF is among 22 chapters of the association participating in the Black Male Media Project.

For more information, contact PBMF at 412-339-0730 or AmericanHeroesHomewood@gmail.com.

The nomination period for “American Heroes: The Homewood Project” is closed.